We partner with visionary clients to translate bold ideas into meaningful and informed solutions. Our work has transformed brands, from startups to global companies through thoughtful exploration and innovative design.

Creative Service Offerings


Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Mission Statement
Logo Design
Color Palette & Typography
Brand Identity Manual
Packaging Design
Marketing Materials


Website Design
Website Development
Market Research & Strategy
Photography & Video
Art Direction
Modeling & Rendering
Motion Graphics
Digital Illustration


Industrial Design 
App Design 
Concept & User Scenario
Strategic Solution
UX Wireframe Design
UI Prototype Design
Interface Animation


Our Team

Assignment Studios™ is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary design agency lead by creative director duo, Ricky Chan and Michael Myers, with studios in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

We are a community of branding specialists, researchers, digital artists, experience experts, industrial designers, and engineers from around the world. We work together to build brands and design products that will better the way we live, work, travel, and communicate. From personal transportation and identity systems to the next generation of sustainable material design and immersive experience, we are invested in designing for our future.

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Our Philosophy

Design is a process: research, ideation, and results. It is searching for what is missing, it is re-thinking standards and it’s finding new insights into evolving behavior. At Assignment Studios™, we collaborate with passion and lead by our design disciplines—identity, strategy, digital, product, and technology —to create an integrative approach to our design solutions.

Whether our work encompasses identity systems, digital solutions, or product innovation—it’s all based on the needs of the intended user and finding a balance within the concept, functionality, and aesthetics.

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Our Focus

Our work spans across a variety of industries who’s challenges continue to evolve as communities grow and science advances. These interests maintain our passion and sense of responsibility to continue pursuing work within wellness, beauty, and technology. 

We propose design initiatives based on research, collaboration, and observations to meet complex challenges.



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