The annual authority on corporate excellence requested an illustration for each company on its list. Among them: Google, The Boston Consulting Group, Riot Games, and IKEA. The series featured a group of occupational characters rich in diversity and professions. A vibrant color palette echoed the dynamic profile of the country's workforce, everything from a biotech firm to a bear-building toy store. In this way, the illustrations show the people behind the scenes who are powering each institution that made the cut.


2Artboard 1@4x-100
2Artboard 2@4x-100
2Artboard 3@4x-100
2Artboard 4@4x-100
2Artboard 5@4x-100
2Artboard 6@4x-100
2Artboard 7@4x-100
2Artboard 8@4x-100
2Artboard 9@4x-100
2Artboard 10@4x-100
2Artboard 11@4x-100
2Artboard 12@4x-100
2Artboard 13@4x-100
2Artboard 14@4x-100
2Artboard 15@4x-100
2Artboard 16@4x-100
2Artboard 17@4x-100
2Artboard 18@4x-100
2Artboard 19@4x-100
2Artboard 20@4x-100
2Artboard 21@4x-100
2Artboard 22@4x-100
2Artboard 23@4x-100
2Artboard 24@4x-100
2Artboard 25@4x-100
2Artboard 26@4x-100
2Artboard 27@4x-100
2Artboard 28@4x-100

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